Fused Music featuring DJ Hot Sox performing live at Music Tech Fest Berlin

DJ HOTSOX DJ'd with his EYES LIVE from the ROYAL HOSPITAL OF NEURO-DISABILITY to a live event in BERLIN! http://musictechfest.net/

We set up a skype link with Team DJ HOT SOX in London (Richard Bennett - DJ HOT SOX and DANTE ROSSI - RHND IT GURU) for visual feedback and a Whatsapp audio connection so that Richard could hear his DJ SET.

Then I showed a short video explaining how Richard uses his eyes to DJ and looking for a simple solution to enable the remote control of Ableton. We've made a lot of work - and all that we needed was Richard to have the ability to play back audio using his eyes. Dante came up with that solution!

Then we performed! I mixed the tracks, added effects and Richard lined them up!!! Richard had full control over what track was triggered. The event was heavily dependant on WIFI - networked remote control of the computer, skype and whatsapp - but it worked!

Many thanks to Dante at RHND and Big thanks to all at Music Tech Fest Berlin!! http://musictechfest.net/

DJ HOTSOX available for hire!

Some video footage below!

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