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CONFIGURING TOUCH OSC to use as a interface for Stepmania

xattr -dr ~/Desktop/StepMania-5.0.12/



What is touch OSC

Open Sound Control (OSC) is a open, transport-independent, message-based encoding developed for communication among agents, process, threads, computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices.  (



Why use Touch OSC for rehabilitation for Upper Limb


TouchOSC gives a user the ability to configure your own touch screen faders and triggers for stepmania.  Via your iPad, Android or iPhone.

Whilst you can’t take advantage of grip/grasp strength training or press with actuation - touchOSC offers a framework for a whole hand and finger controller, ability to configure faders to exercise adduction and abduction motions in the fingers and flexion and extension movements.





Download touchosc editor from

Left click on the main black square and start to draw and input the buttons or faders that you would like.



In order to be able to trigger the rotary at full capacity and then withdraw. - good for finger rehab in a circular motion - you need to set it to 0.8 in osculator.

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