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What is Stepmania?

Stepmania is a rhythm game for windows/mac or android phones. You can use the computer keyboard or other interfaces (switches/joysticks etc) to access the game

Stepmania can be configured so that you can listen and play along to your own music and we can adapt the levels to suit the individual.

Stepmania for Hand Rehabilitation

Research demonstrates that repetitive action of a motor function can help with rehabilitation and recovery after a stroke. 

Even tiny movements can start to activate the neural pathway to encourage a motor response. So even a small movement in your hand can start a chain reaction progressing to bigger movements. Neuro-plasticity is exciting because it means we can rebuild neural connections that were lost after stroke. Research has shown that even thinking about movement can start to build new neural connections.

How do I use the game?

This game has levels that you can start at which are extremely basic but could be what is necessary to start building up movement in your upper limb.  

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