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Eyegaze Producer Debut EP out on Spotify + Flow State.

My client DJ 3RN1 uses his eyes to compose and produce music. Over the last year I have been developing and setting him up with a Grid to control DJ software and mainstream commercial dance music software. His 4 track EP is now out on Spotify/Beatport/Apple Music -genre #darkwave #electronica.

The important factor in devising the way he interacted with the commercial software with his eyes - was to ensure that the overlay grid design had an excellent #UX flow state conducive to the composition and producing process - akin to mouse users. The Grid took some time in developing to ensure that everything flowed from one thought process and action to the other. This has ensured that DJ 3RN1 has been able to realise his production potential by being able to get into a flow state when he was working on his own and being able to produce an excellent debut EP without being held back by technology. The EP by 3RN1 is out on SPOTIFY/ITUNES and aptly named #FLOW

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