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Abba/Android/Beat Perception

I love YES tech - my definition of technology that is adaptable and interchangeable to other tech - so I can mix and match wires, cables, bluetooth, interfaces, chargers, batteries, usb, etc etc etc

Good accessible YES tech is the #XBOXadaptivecontroller and the #Android PHONE. Yes I like Apple products - for music software. But it seems that for bluetooth adaptability amongst tablets/phones my Samsung is winning.

Anyhow I'm working on devising a prototype which focuses on beat matching, synchronising taps to beats to use with my clients and potentially for upper limb rehabilitation after stroke. So i've connected lots of YES tech to make this happen. In this clip you can see the #xboxadaptivecontroller which is taking in a jelly bean switch as it's 'X' input, it's connected via bluetooth to my Samsung Phone. I have converted my own MP3 to a format which an #android beat game can utilise- which means a client can use their own music to play. I'm then playing a beat matching game using a jelly bean switch. This of course can be adapted to a headswitch/Joystick etc.

I'm going to test this game out tomorrow with my client Richard - who has locked in syndrome - and then modify it accordingly.

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