European Union Research and Innovation Conference

Updated: Jul 15

DJ Hotsox (Richard Bennett) has locked-in-syndrome. After a Stroke in 2011 - DJ Hotsox now lives at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability. DJ Hotsox can travel locally - but not for long journeys and he can't travel abroad. In order to enable Richard to be able to perform his music - I've devised a set up where he can DJ anywhere in the world from the comfort of his own room at the Hospital. This system depends on remote access - rather that streaming Audio across a network.

We recently had a gig at the EU Science and Innovation Conference in Brussels where we demonstrated this - DJ Hotsox was in his room at the Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability and I travelled to Brussels to the conference. With great support staff from the Hospital staff we were able to link Dj Hotsox up to my Computer and he was able to DJ Live for the European commission direct from London.

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