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Physical Interfaces
Electronic  Task Board

rationale: To encourage different movements with music. Can follow musical notation and play different tunes.

Can also be repurposed with an Xbox adaptive controller for use as a games controller with Stepmania or similar

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 19.04.12.png

Cat litter tray repurposed as a electronic switch musical task tray. Holes drilled to allow a range of switches to sit on top of the tray. 

MIDI Creator  switch configurator sits underneath. Each switch is programmed to a different pitch or range of pitches


Each switch can be programmed to a different pitch and each switch can facilitate a different movement.

A and F Proximity switches (A+F) can be programmed for a range of notes/scales or single pitches.

Rotate movement. Turn the handle to open and shut the clamp which has a velocity switch in its teeth, when it opens the switch opens and makes an ascending scale and when it shuts a descending scale

C Finger  press switch

Squeeze switch for whole hand  can be programmed as 'on off' or as a velocity switch where the more you press the wider the range of notes

Grasp and tap  - a long switch that can create a note when it is grapsed and tapped. 

G Hold punch press. A palm press where a switch is placed underneath and can trigger a note or a sample


Behind the scenes

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