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How to Play

Use the novice level as a starting point.   The arrows follow the pulse of the music.  You can use the keyboard arrow keys to play. In easy and medium levels. when there is more than one arrow, you can play with one hand and different fingers or use both hands for bilateral training.

Ideas for Rehabilitation

You can play the game more than once to achieve higher daily repetitions.

You can also assign the arrow keys to a switch (click here for details).

Using the novice level you can complete a whole movement instead of a key press. 

Instructions for Download

MAC USERS: Click the link above, unzip the file (it will be in downloads folder) then go to APPLICATIONS, find the STEPMANIA folder and then go to the SONGS folder. Create a folder with your name on it and then put the unzipped file into this folder. The  unzipped folder needs to be in its own folder not directly in the songs folder.


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