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Upper Limb Exercises:
Shoulder external rotation

Shoulder External Rotation’ BEGINNERS LEVEL


34 Repetitions per game. (green arrows are practise arrows. There is a left arrow game and a right arrow game to match either the left arm or the right arm.


Aim: Range-of-motion exercises for the shoulder  include external and internal rotation exercises  and are featured on many stroke rehabiliatoin websites for example the exercise featured here: which involves an external shoulder rotation using a cane. Marinelli & de Palma, (2009) outline the safety of executing an external rotation movement on shoulder subluxation however care is essential when completing this movement Seneviratne et al., (2005). It is advised to complete this game under the supervision of a health care professional.

Exercise Overview:  This exercise will enable 34 repetitions. However you can adapt the exercise repetitions to suit your own ability.  The music will guide the sequence of movement required to complete the exercise. 

Method: Relax your shoulders.  Bend your arm up so your elbow is at a 90 degree angle Extend the elbow out 20 Degreees away from your body , without bringing your arm away from your chest. If your arm does try to compensate by moving away from your body, bring your other arm across to hold  your bicep.. Do not strain, but allow your elbow to extend as far as is comfortable.. Pace the movement with the music, do not rush or jerk the movement.

How to Play

The music has a 4 note pattern. The first part of the rotation will hit  the switch on the first note and return to the body by note 3.  This will ensure the movement is fluid and regular.


If you have any pain, stop.! However muscle and mental fatigue whilst doing these exercises is normal.. 

Key Words

drum n bass, side elbow extension, small range of movement.

Music: RColclasure

Gaming Platform: Stepmania

Gaming Level: RColclasure

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