Novice Level:

118 BPM

1 tap per bar.  

119 taps 4:07mins


1 tap for each finger. Use single finger or rotate through each finger.


Put the switch at the end of a movement or exercise. 

Easy Level

118 Bpm  

383 Taps


1 tap per bar, however 2 different arrows allowing for two different finger movements to be completed.


Use two fingers, one for each arrow.


Put the switch at the beginning and end of a movement. 


Use two hands to play the game

Medium Level

118 Bpm  

172 Taps/Holds 16


Use all fingers there are 4 arrows. 

Use 4 switches

Hard Level

118 Bpm  

383 Taps/Holds 56


Use all fingers there are 4 arrows. This level is challenging but following the main beat of the song.

Use 4 switches, or a combination of switches and keyboard.

Use the novice level as a starting point.   The arrows follow the pulse of the music. A counting exercise to begin with is useful to recognise hitting a beat on the first beat of the bar.

Short Level.

This level has 48 taps, is 1:41 mins. This level is shorter to enable completion without fatigue. This level can be played for example 5 times to obtain 250 repetitions. The player can rest in between each.

Short Level (Left Hand)

This level has the arrow pointing to the right so the index finger can be used on the left hand, or useful for players with Hemanopia.