Upper Limb Exercises: Elbow Extension

Elbow Side Extension

Download stepmania file for exercise.

Beginners level:

34 Repetitions per game (rest between each game and aim for 3 games to begin with)

Key Words

drum n bass, side elbow extension, small range of movement.

Aim: to increase range of motion of external elbow rotation to 90 degrees.

Objectives: This exercises will enable repetitions of a small movement. The angle of the external elbow rotation will increase over time through this exercise.

Method: Relax your shoulders. Hold the upper arm/bicep with your unimpaired hand. Hold the elbow close to your chest. Extend the elbow out away from your body as far as you can, without bringing your arm away from your chest. Do not strain, but allow your elbow to rotate as far as it can go.

The music has a 4 note pattern. Hit the switch on the first note and return to the body by note 3.  This will ensure the movement is fluid and regular.

If you have any pain, stop. Muscle and mental fatigue whilst doing these exercises is normal.

Music: RColclasure

Gaming Platform: Stepmania

Gaming Level: RColclasure