Upper Limb Exercises: 
Whole hand extension

Whole hand palm extension

download stepmania file for exercise.

Beginner level

17 Repetitions. Aim for 3 games with a rest in between.

Key Words

Finger extension, rock beat, slow, beginners, synchrony.

Aim: to increase range of motion of all fingers working together.

Objectives: To allow simultaneous motion of all fingers entending out from the palm

Method: relax your hand, place a switch underneath your palm. If necessary hold your thumb to allow for the other 4 fingers to extend freely. Draw your proximal joints in to raise your hand and then push your fingers out to flatten your fingers and your palm on to the switch. 

The music has a guitar chord on the first beat of the bar. Use that guitar chord to guide you to when you need to press on the switch. The rhythm guitar ending the phrase gives an indication when to start to extend your fingers out again.

If you have any pain, stop. Muscular and mental fatigue whilst doing these exercises is normal.

Music: RColclasure

Gaming Platform: Stepmania

Gaming Level: RColclasure