Upper Limb Exercises: Assisted Bicep Curl

Assisted Bicep Curl

Stepmania file for bicep curl

Beginners Level:

22 Repetitions per game. Aim for 3 games with rest in between to begin with.

Level 1

31 repetitions: Weighted bicep curl with 0.5kg or 1kg weight.

Aim:To enable an assisted movement  using the unimpaired arm to carry the weight of the impaired arm to complete a bicep curl.

Objectives: This exercises will enable repetitions of a bicep curl. The objective is to start to feel the weight in your impaired arm's bicep. 

Method: Relax your shoulders. Grasp your hands together, taking time to stretch your impaired hand and then be patient in fitting them together.  Start from the switch, keeping your elbows on the table, raise your forearms up to your chin steadily and back down again. 

The music has a 4 note pattern. Aim to hit the switch on the first note, come to your chin by the 3rd note and return back to the table to hit the first note again. Notes 2 and 4 should be halfway between the table and your chin.

As you get stronger with this exercise, practise taking the weight in your impaired arm. This may take a few weeks.

If you have any pain, stop. Muscular and mental fatigue whilst doing these exercises is normal.

Music: RColclasure

Gaming Platform: Stepmania

Gaming Level: RColclasure