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Upper Limb Exercises: Assisted Arm Extension and Cross body


Assisted  Arm Extension and cross body

download stepmania file for exercise.


Beginners Level: 10. Do 3 times with a rest between each level.

Key Words

Assisted, simple, cross body, arm raise, 


Music: RColclasure

Gaming Platform: Stepmania

Gaming Level: RColclasure

Aim: A simple level to assist the impaired arm to learn 2 movements. First movement to stretch the arm out to the front of the body. Second movement to rotate the shoulder cuff across the body, carrying the weight of the impaired arm.  Over time you will be able to  take more and more weight with your impaired arm.

Objectives: This exercise will enable repetitions of 2 movements. The weight of the impaired arm is initially assisted by the unimpaired arm but the weight will begin to transfer over as the muscles strengthen. 

Method: Relax your shoulders. Clasp your hands together in front of you (this may take time, be patient with your impaired hand, if there is any spasticity, stretch before hand). Once clasped then stretch your arms in front of you and raise your whole arm up.  Once your arms are perpendicular to just below your shoulder, keep your torso straight and supportive and move your arms across your body. Move as far as your shoulder will allow. Do not move your trunk. This is about isolating movement.  Once you have reached across your body, return to the centre of your chest and then lower down. 

Be mindful of the weight in your impaired arm - attempting to carry small amounts of weight in that arm when it feels secure to do so. 

Over time you will find you can carry more and more weight in your arm as you do these exercises.

The music is simple and  has 4 notes to guide you, the first note is your starting point, come straight up on note 2, hit the switch on note 3 and then back to centre on four, ready to go back down again on the first note of the phrase.

If you have any pain, stop. Muscular and mental fatigue whilst doing these exercises is normal.

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